All about Charleston

Lindy Charleston, kick steps and lazy fast dancing.


Get your Charleston on!
Want to get comfortable with your kick steps? Learn how to lead and follow in your Lindycharleston dancing so you are not just stuck with the same 3 moves you are doing most of the time? Want to dance easily to faster music? Are you ready to sweat? Then this edition of the Vienna LindyLAB is just for you!


On Saturday – the tutorial day – we will focus on our Lindy Charleston basics and make sure we get comfortable moving with kick steps before we move on to different moves and turns. We will also spend some time on lazy fast dancing so that we don’t have to kick step all day!

On Sunday – the intensive day – we will review our basics from Saturday and then bring it to the next level by focusing on deeper technical aspects and more complex moves.

Level: Tutorial day - Saturday

“I have been dancing Lindyhop a little bit now, I have taken regular classes at least for 9 months with regular social dancing. I know all the basics like SwingOuts, Circles, basic 6 - & 8 - Counts and some Lindycharleston Basics as well as a few Charleston moves. I'm feeling mostly comfortable moving my body to music and moving together with a dance partner - but I want more! I want to feel good when I kick step. I want to revisit all the Charleston basics and get really comfortable in them. I want to learn how I can lead and follow basic Charleston movement.”
If this is you, the Turorialday is your perfect choice. It will also qualify you for the Intensive day.

Level: Intensive day - Sunday

“I know my Lindy Hop and Lindy Charleston pretty well. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve been doing this a lot. I feel super comfortable on the social dance floor and I regularly take classes and/or visit international workshops. I'm not scared to put Charleston into my social dancing and I know more than 4 moves. I even do tandem and I know more than one entry! I feel mostly comfortable in Charleston basics but it wouldn't hurt to review them and to get deeper into the technical aspects of Lindy Charleston movement!"
If this is you, the intensive day is the perfect choice for you.

You want to do more than one day? Join the Tutorial day to review your basics - it never hurts to go over your basics again! You want to take the intensive day but feel like this isn’t you yet? Choose to do the whole weekend, the Tutorial day will get you up to speed on the workshops focus so you’ll be prepared for day 2.