Alex Parker

Alex discovered Swing at university while studying Physics. After becoming hooked, he took a gap year in 2013 and started to travel around Europe and the US for the dance. His focus on musicality and clear leading is something that shines through in his dancing.

A keen competitor, Alex has placed in over 40 competitions and placing 1st in events such as ILHC, Nevermore and Herrang. Alex enjoys teaching anyone eager to learn. Helping his students find passion for dance is something he revels in, and watching them progress is a reward in and of itself.

Ask him for a dance, he swings out… a lot!

Watch Alex dance:

Maren Merian

Maren lives and breathes swing dancing. She fell in love with Lindyhop in 2014 when she walked into a bar and was fascinated by that dance that didn’t look anything like the ballroom and latin dances she had previously learned. Since then she has been travelling around Europe and the US to learn and dance as much as she can. Maren loves the joy and freedom swing dancing is bringing into her life and has been focusing on becoming the best follower and dancer she can be. Maren loves all about swing: Slow Blues as much as fast Charleston. The social dancing as much as the performance. Lead & follow technique as much as musicality and creative solo movement.
Maren brings her love for the dance into her classes and focusses on teaching with clear instructions.

Watch Maren dance: