Archive: Teacher – Musicality and Flow


Florian Klein

Florian begun learning the Lindy Hop out of love for the music and the will to be able to move the body to it, therefore he was keen to keep true to the musicality given by the songs. From the beginning he started playing around and didn't care so much about how perfect his posture is or to show off the most fancy moves, instead he just wants to enjoy the dance as it is and he has the goal to make the partner smile and that both are having a good time. Still, it's not all just fun and playing around, dancing with the music requires fundamentals and a certain skill set before breaking free with it.
Before starting to dance florian was working as a musician, which may help him now to connect the two forms easier which should be inclined anyway- music and dance!
Watch Florian dance:

Maren Merian

Maren started early and enthusiastically with some dancing at a sports club, later then found Ballroomdancing. It wasn’t though until she started her studies in Vienna that she found Lindy Hop and from that moment on she couldn’t stop. The last three years she has been spending dancing several times a week on Viennas swingdancefloors and she frequently travels to international dance events all over Europe and the US to social dance, compete and learn from the best. She loves sharing the joy that Swingdancing brought into her live.

Watch Maren dance:

photo credit: Matej Tresnak